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Origin: New Zealand | Australia

Genre: Experimental

Official Websites:



Nadene is an acclaimed vocalist and violist, from the North Island of New Zealand. She has developed an exploratory sound that encompasses songs, cross-cultural improvisation, electroacoustic, jazz and classical influences. A mixed heritage of Irish, Māori and a dash of Portuguese on her father's side, along with her childhood spent in Queensland, Australia, infuse her music with it’s unique character. She is based in Los Angeles.

“Nadene Pita is a rare bird – a creature seemingly free of artistic hesitation and a blissfully unusual composer” City News/City Hub.

“Pita's voice is plaintive, ethereal and evocative of misty dawns on Asian Temples” The Australian

“all the throaty growl of a diva... from regular singing to operatic choir to gutteral groans” Cyclic Defrost.

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